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Matthew J. Freeman

Guardian Trade Service, LLC.
Funeral Director

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Allen J. Freeman

Guardian Trade Service, LLC.
Manager/Funeral Director

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We want your business and will do everything to satisfy your needs.


    We know some removal services have given the industry a bad name. If you have ever called a removal service and been given the run around, give us a try for a truly unique/no excuses experience. Reliability and professionalism are never compromised at Guardian Coach Service, Inc.


So Why Do You Need Us?


  • Save on your insurance cost...higher payroll = higher premiums. 

  • We are convenient for you. We operate on EVERY holiday-24/7/365. 

  • To save mileage, wear, tear, and liability on your expensive hearse.
  • With the rising cost of fuel our rates are very attractive. 
  • To cut back on staff - use us as your "on call personnel".

  • Every call is answered by our staff, not an answering service. All calls are dispatched immediately to our crew who know your expectations.

We provide Superior Funeral Home representation to the bereaved

at the time of removal. 

  • Your Funeral Home will be represented by removal professionals that are trained in both the general Philosophy of Grief Management, as well as in the traditions and customs of your Funeral Home.

  • You will get a full night's relaxation and rest so you are "at the top of your game" every day because you're not up in the middle of the night doing a removal.

  • We are a Professional Removal Service Company that is staffed by well-groomed, well-dressed, and compassionate personnel in every way possible. 

Flower, Human Remains Transportation in Matawan, NJ

Ask yourself; Does my current removal service provide:


• Rapid Response Time
• Reliable Service
• Superior Funeral Home Representation
• Professional and Trained Staff

• Staff Dressed in Professional Attire
• Year-Round Service
• GPS Capability
• Tagging of Remains


Personal effects logging every time
• Convenient Credit Card Processing
• Net 30 Billing
• Calls dispatched by on call personnel


Funeral Homes


We understand the importance that image makes in the funeral industry.


   Our goal is to make the families first encounter with your funeral home a positive one. Guardian is a Professional Removal Service Company that begins its business relationship with all Funeral Homes served by first meeting with you to ascertain your Home's customs and traditions.


Every removal is carried out as if the family were present.


   Our goal is not to be looked on as a "removal service", but as an extension of your own staff. At all times we represent you, in your name, when coming in contact with family members or nursing staff. 

   We take time to show compassion to all present family members of the decedent and give special attention to our actions and comments on each call. 


Contact our team of experienced, honorable and highly trained representatives for your funeral home transportation needs.